Support us

If you decide to support Bodaj, n.g.o., you can choose from following possibilities and support us in these fields:

  • Financial resource for realization of our projects according to the aims of our organization
  • Material help for Ucrainian Institutes
  • Rooms for beneficial exhibitions and concerts in the Czech Republic
  • We also welcome members and all people who are interested in our activities

All fields correspond together and are connected:

We use financial resources for buying humanitarian materias, that is needful for every humanitarian stay in Ucraine and also for transportation of volunteers. Purchasing and raising the currently necessary material takes place in the Czech Republic always directly before the departure to Ucraine.

Considering that the material is used directly by volunteers of Bodaj, n.g.o. for working with clients, or is directly given to them, we can guarantee that the material is fully and effectively used.

Bank connection: Raiffeisen 3806046001/5500
Account of public subscription: Raiffeisen 3806046028/5500


We look for partners especially for financial support in various extent: we look for general partner as well as for little benefactors. Offers for example for media partnership would be also interesting for us. Apart from cooperation with corporate bodies we aslo welcome support from other non profit-making organizations and foundations or funds, churches, but also from natural persons and little benefactors.

We can offer you promotion of your company on various levels: on our web, on the printed matters (posters, leaflets), in annual reports, on beneficial actions, in medias and in news release. We can apply the promotion in the Czech Republic, but clearly also in Ucraine and Hungary and Slovakia.

We gladly expose the deed of gift on any deposit (in the Czech Republic it allows diminution of income tax maximally about 5 % from the tax base) or sponsor agreement about advertising (in the Czech Republic it allows diminution of the tax base in the full extent of costs).

If you would like to cooperate with us in anyway – either financially, materially or by giving a piece of advice, please, feel free to contact us.

Thank you in advance. We look forward to mutual cooperation.


Jana Hurdová, DiS – financial manager
Tel.: +420 731 171 857
Skype: janynna1

Bc. Jan Čanda - director
Tel.: +420 776 029 940
Skype: cannyjancanda


  • Humanitarion Stay of Volunteers in Spring 2010

    Humanitarion Stay of Volunteers in Spring 2010

    3. 2. 2010 Eventhough there is beautiful winter, Bodaj thinks already about spring and prepares for it. During April there will be again the humanitarion stay in the children´s home in Vilsany. As in last year the stay will last two weeks and about 25 volunteers will take part in it. більше...

  • Volunteers´ Meeting in „Jelení“

    Volunteers´ Meeting in „Jelení“

    3. 2. 2010 In the second half of January, when there is winter behind the windows and when there is hell in the heads due to exam period, New Year´s meeting of Bodaj, n.g.o. Volunteers took place in club Jelení. більше...



Rooseveltova 8,
160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Phone numbers:

Tel. CZ: +420 776 029 940
Tel. UA: +380 985 486 001
IČO: 26540991

Bank connection:

Raiffeisen 3806046001/5500

Account of public subscription :

Raiffeisen 3806046028/5500