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  • Humanitarion Stay of Volunteers in Spring 2010

    Humanitarion Stay of Volunteers in Spring 2010

    3. 2. 2010 Eventhough there is beautiful winter, Bodaj thinks already about spring and prepares for it. During April there will be again the humanitarion stay in the children´s home in Vilsany. As in last year the stay will last two weeks and about 25 volunteers will take part in it. більше...

  • Volunteers´ Meeting in „Jelení“

    Volunteers´ Meeting in „Jelení“

    3. 2. 2010 In the second half of January, when there is winter behind the windows and when there is hell in the heads due to exam period, New Year´s meeting of Bodaj, n.g.o. Volunteers took place in club Jelení. більше...



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